Our Lady of Sorrow

A couple years ago we did this simple craft project for Our Lady of Sorrows Feast Day.

In the picture above you will see all the supplies we used. Let me tell you where we got them:
  • Square cork board, pieces felt, bag of flowers, paints and fabric glue all came from Walmart
  • The Cocktail swords came from my local grocery store
  • An outline of the Immaculate Heart came from A Catholic How to Draw

We took the outline and traced then cut a heart and flame out of the felt. Then we laid the felt patterns on top of the cork board and cut out the shape of the immaculate heart.

Then we glued on the hearts. Made seven holes in the fabric and painted the entrances with a dab of red paint.

Then we took the plastic cocktail swords and spray painted them silver.

As they were drying we typed up the seven sorrows and placed them on labels. After the swords were dryed we placed them on the swords.

Here is the finished project. Simple but effective.


Anonymous said...

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Melissa from MN said...

I was looking for a craft for 7 Sorrows, and yours on Catholic Icing caught my eye right away. Thanks for sharing this idea, I know my kids will enjoy this lesson! Now I finally have a use for all those plastic swords from a luau party!