About Us

WELCOME to our homeschool website. We are a Catholic home-schooling family having the time of our lives on this ever changing journey of living and learning!!  In gratitude to God we wanted to create a place to share with distant family and friends, so that they may have glimpses into those trails that we are blessed with daily.

Since we are creating posts about our family on a public domain we opted to use alternate names for each of the children to respect their anonymity.  On the side bar we listed in chronological order their pseudo-names and the current ages of our children.

Our Name:

Many have asked where we came up with the name "Knotty Pines"? It really came to fruition many many many years ago when we began to entertain thoughts for our "future" hobby farm and plans for a healthier holistic lifestyle. We live in a state that has many Pine Trees, all different shapes, sizes and no matter how desolate the land these magnificent trees always seem to persevere. Our family absolutely loves anything outdoors including nature walks, fishing, gardening, hiking or camping, and we have a passion for health and wellness. This is when we came up with a couple good names for our future plans and Knotty Pines was voted as the most fitting name for our homeschool. Since we teach grades PreK through 12th grade we came up with the name Knotty Pines Academy. 

Our Purpose:

My husband, Dave and I are the proud parents and educators of our six beautiful children. Our teaching methods are heavily influenced by a wonderful educator called Charlotte Mason, but over the years we have come to know, be inspired and adapt several other educational methods like child-centered rabbit trails (unit or thematic studies), some classical ideas from Laura Berquist, Montessori materials can be found sprinkled throughout the elementary years to reinforce skills, and last but certainly not least Waldorf inspired elements that add amazing beauty and creativity to all lessons.

As you will come to realize our choice to homeschool has grown over the past decade into a lifestyle of learning that is intertwined with our daily living. This choice completes *our family* and in no way is judgmental against other methods of educating children. We welcome all readers and comments. Our prayer is that we might inspire others along their journeys!


We aim to create a loving and nurturing environment that will guide our children to their fullest potential as self-confident, creative and caring individuals who embrace learning, think for themselves and positively influence the world around them. We strive to seek "whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is lovely and whatever is gracious..." because all beauty and truth originate from God the Creator.

We strive daily with "... all our hearts, minds, souls and strength to know, love and serve the Lord our God" (Deut. 6:5), His one true Church (Matt. 16:18, Acts 15), in union with the Holy Spirit (Luke 11:13). This total devotion in combination with all our humanity forms who and what we are so please remember our opinions and thoughts are just that – our own and our intent is never to offend anyone.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the resources provided on this blog or specific requests about our homeschool journey?  Please send emails to knottypinesacademy@gmail.com.